Our Brags


NEW MACH!!! July 27, 2014

Neida Heusinkvelt sent in this very special brag: Lindy and I completed our 20th Double qualifying
run at Purina Farms in Gray Summit MO on Saturday July 27, 2014 to earn the Master Agility
Championship (MACH). Thanks to Gateway Agility Club for hosting a great test and great judges.
Lindy is officially MACH SHR Aureo I Fly Solo TDX MXB MJS UD JH NF CCA WCX Can AGN
AGNJ WC. We added another DQ on Sunday for good measure! Lindy is my 2nd MACH dog after
Grace and had her qualifying points about 2 months before her DQ requirements. For the folks in
this dog sport game we know it is marathon run rather than a sprint so this was a very sweet
accomplishment in consideration she trains and competes in other venues. In agility she loves her
contact obstacles, in obedience she loves the retrieves, in tracking she loves the woods, and in field
she loves hitting the water hard to get her bird. Most of all she just loves to do something all of the
time – which makes it a joy to train her.
I wanted to especially thank my instructor Lori Michaels and all of the agility folks that have been in
my classes over the years – I learn from all of you and enjoy watching your teamwork evolve over
time. It has been a hoot to share time with my traveling/crating area buddies Linda Whitaker, Judy
Mitchell, Jeanne Rameriz and Anita Raithel – your encouragement and laughter is so appreciated.
On to more agility, VST, SH and UDX.


This in from Russ Krohn: Mandy and I competed in UKC Open B July 26 and 27 at the Companion

Dogs of the Ozarks trial in Springfield MO. Of the four trials, two per day, Mandy qualified in three of
the four trials with two third and one fourth placements, with an average score of nearly 192 and
earning her U-CDX title in one weekend. Now back to AKC Utility!
His better half, Kim Krohn, sent this in:
My Miniature Bull Terrier, MACH Gridiron Working
Class Dog CD, RA, MXS, MJS, OF, T2B2 has been
invited to the AKC Agility Invitational December
13/14 in Orlando, Florida for the third year in a
row. “Zelda” is the #1 Miniature Bull Terrier in the
Regular Classes in agility. She has also earned all
the remaining three of four Level 3 titles in Canine
Performance Events (CPE) agility, giving her a CL3
Here’s an update from Deb Webb: As of this
weekend, Chloe has 71 Otch points! She won
Utility B yesterday with a runoff against the dog that I think, eventually won HIT. Chloe was not
entered in Open either day. Her score yesterday was 196.5 in a class of nine dogs. Today, the class
was of eight dogs, four qualified, Chloe won a second with a score of 197 points to the winner’s
197.5. We’ve been trying all year to get a score higher than Chloe’s average of 196.5 in Utility.
Finally did it. Yesterday’s Otch point “haul” was six points. Today, she earned two points on top of
the 63 points she already had. Chloe is being given a rest from trialing and will be training lightly,
then will return to her OTch effort early October.


 from Linda Baschnagel and Shetland Sheepdogs, Seger and Cass:Brags
We attended the Greater St. Louis Shetland Sheepdog Herding Tests and Trials at RottiEve Farm in Wright City on June 7 and
8. Seger and Cass made their herding debuts a huge success!
Going 4 for 4 with qualifying runs in the weekend resulted in two new herding titles. Seger earning a
PT (Pre-Trial Tested) and Cass earning a HT (Herding Tested) title.
The HT title qualified Cass for a VC (Versatility Certificate) title. The VC is awarded from our parent
breed club – the American Shetland Sheepdog Club (ASSA) to Shetland Sheepdogs who have earned
titles in three required areas – conformation, performance and herding.
Seger’s herding title qualifies him for a Versatility Title Excellent (VTX) title. This title is awarded to
Shetland Sheepdogs earning multiple and advanced titles in three or more performance areas from
the Association of Working Shetland Sheepdogs (AWSS).
Two very versatile Shelties! CT Lochinvar Night Moves CDX GN RN PT VTX (“Seger”) and CH U-CH
Cataway Shelmar Casanova BN RN TD HT VC (“Cass”).


Betsie Czeschin proudly brags that Spike, GCH
Statesman’s Amicus JH RE BN WD VCX and I got second
in the owner handled group at the OKC show.

Debbie Bates went to the UKC show in Council Bluffs.

I put Rowdy in rally and Rowdy q’d Friday i not pretty ,
q’d Saturday with 92 and 3rd place q’d Sunday with 95
and 1st place and title u-RO-1.
I want to thank my amazing mentor/trainer Renee for
getting us this far. and then want to thank Debi R for
taking me up there. It was for me a totally awesome
and fulfilling weekend.


NEW CGC! Linda Bradley proudly writes:
of Echo  and Penny ( who passed the CGC test on July 8, 2014. Penny is my
dog and Echo is owned by Sherry (I don’t know her last
name). We are currently in the Beginning Novice class
taught by Eric West.


Brags  From the Sheridan’s- May 2012

May was a very good month. We finally just got photos from the Sunflower show. They were sent to someone else.  GEYER’S U R SHARRDAN’S DARK VADER finished his Rally Excellent title with a 1st place.  I was a nervous wreck with all the new exercises they have now.  I felt like I was training for a marathon because you don’t know what exercises you’ll have.  I had 8 of the new exercises that day.  I felt lucky that Vader did a great job when there were some that didn’t qualify.  Some of the new exercises are like between Utility and Agility. It’s quite a challenge learning all the exercises and performing them correctly.

I was like a crazy lady that afternoon in Topeka because when I got done showing, I raced to Lawrence to attend my daughter’s Masters hooding graduation ceremony also in the afternoon.  I got rid of the dog, changed and made it “by the hair of my chinny chin chin”!  A lot of older club members know Tracey because she grew up in the club.  Upon returning from Africa after her service in the Peace Corps, she couldn’t get a very good job and was told her she needed more education. She applied for and was accepted into a special one year Master’s program.  We’re very proud of her attending school fulltime, working fulltime and completing an internship at Safe Home.  She also maintained a 4.0 while doing all this.  She kept saying, “I need more hours in the day”, and you can see why!  As I write this, she is in the Dominican Republic teaching and doing therapy work at an orphanage.




Joe and Sharon Sheridan–

We’re very proud to say that our girl Stormy finished her Open Jumpers with Weaves Preferred at our GKCTDC Agility trial in her first 3 shows with 2 First and 1 Second places. She also finished her Open Standard Preferred title with 1 First and 2 Second places. Since she finished her OJP title, she moved up to Excellent-A JWW Preferred and earned her first leg with a first place. She has come so far and we are so proud of her. We’ve included a photo of her showing in conformation under the late Judith Goodin where she received a reserve under Judith which is an accomplishment in and of itself. 

Debi Richardson

Debkens Labrador Retriever Brags:
March 4th, 2012 – Debkens Frosty Knight “Skid” earned his TD at the GKCDTC trial. Not to be out done by her brother Debkens Frostbite “Shiver” earned her TD on April 1, 2012 at the Des Moines Tracking Trial. Shiver also won her 1st point at the Leavenworth KC show on Thursday, March 15, 2012


August 26 – 29, 2011

From Paula Froog – After a whole summer of not being able to travel in 100-degree heat, I dared to enter Feather, Hershey and Dart in 13 entries over a 4-day period at the Topeka/ Manhattan Obedience trial August 26 – 29. 
I entered Feather in Rally Advanced A and Obedience Novice B. She earned her CD in 3 straight days, and earned an insurance leg on Sunday. On all 3 days, she won first place in Rally Advanced A. She has found her focus in Rally!
Hershey entered in Rally Advanced A, finished that title on Friday and moved up to successfully complete 2 legs in Rally Excellent A.
Dart, in his first AKC appearance, was almost too happy to be competeing, but earned all 3 legs of
his Rally Novice B title in 3 straight days.
With 13 entries, 13 Q’s, many placements, and a one-in-a-million weekend of
success, I have never been prouder of all 3 dogs!