Obedience Trial



Sports City in Blue Springs, MO:

2015 GKCDTC Obedience Trial

Keep in mind for late March 2015

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Plenty of   room for four rings…under one roof.”

                                                                                                                                     “Convenient crating area adjacent to obedience/rally rings.”

 “More than enough crating room for exhibitors. Please plan to put a mat or pad under your crate.”                                                                                                              




  ”Hallway outside the crating and ring areas.”

      ”The Hospitality Room.”                                                                                                                                                                                                               



  ”The Menu at the Concession Stand.”                    



Sports City

Making the move to Sports City–an indoor soccer arena which features a soft, pliable, completely non-skid, artificial grass–was not a decision made easily by the Board of Directors and members of the Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club.

Much research and discussion preceded the decision, and we hope that our exhibitors will be as excited about showing at Sports City as we are about the possibilities and opportunities offered by our new venue.

In addition to polling some of our own club members about the new show site, representatives from the GKCDTC talked with some of the area’s top obedience competitors. We also contacted the Greater Toledo (Ohio) Obedience Club which recently moved its own obedience trial to an indoor soccer facility similar to Sports City.

Toledo club member Fran Culler was very insightful. “You recently inquired about using turf for your obedience trial. I highly recommend it!”

Before moving their trial, members of the Toledo club did a “test run” which prompted this feedback from Culler, “We tested the turf by working all Open exercises…and Utililty exercises…. As handlers, we found the turf extremely comfortable and easy to walk and work on. I liked it much better than the black mats because I always found the mats quite hard. Admittedly, to our surprise, we felt that were virtually no issues with the turf. At least some of us had anticipated problems, but there really weren’t any.”

Culler wrapped up by saying, “All of the dogs worked perfectly fine on the turf. None of them ever slipped, and none were in anyway distracted by the turf surface. The markings on the turf also did NOT prove distracting….”

In addition to club members no longer having to move heavy mats, there are other great benefits to being located in Blue Springs:

*  Conveniently located off of I-70 (easy access to the interstate)

*  On-site concessions

*  Plenty of room for crating

*  Nearby restaurants, shopping and dog-friendly hotels